Privacy Policy

I do not share user data with third parties under any circumstances.

You are free to use Endless Rotation anonymously. We do not ask for your name, only a username. The only requirement is that you provide a working email address, in case I need to contact you and so that you can reset your password.

The email address that you provide will never be shared with third parties.

The site runs on its own server and does not use third-party services or libraries. This includes Google Analytics and any other tracking tool.

The site does not show ads.

What you post on Endless Rotation is your own business, and with the exception of illegal or abusive content, will not be moderated by the site.

If you choose to delete your account, all your data will be removed after a 30-day waiting period.

If you spot a privacy leak, please report it to

While I do my best to keep data private and secure, please do not store truly sensitive information on Endless Rotation.